About Gerko

Gerko Flooring Industries is a Belgian Boutique manufacturer of high end French oak flooring. They have been specialized in producing, structuring and coloring the oak floor since 1993, to make them look like real reclaimed wood with most modern machinery. Gerko guarantees their own 100 % Belgian manufacturing, which reflects the very high quality standards.

Gerko is the world's first reactive stains process user for French white oak, and has become the exclusive technology of  brand confidentiality. The reactive stains process stimulates the tannic elements inside the wood,changing the wood‘s the natural color from inside to outside, making the wood flooring more natural, stable and dense compared with the common surface painting.

  • About Gazzotti

    Gazzotti is the sole supplier of wooden parquet for Italian Royal Family. Gazzotti has more than 100 years of history of producing parquet.

  • Gazzotti _ Vintage

    Vintage is the wood floor that has revolutionized the definition of Home.

  • Gazzotti _ Life

    Life collection especially designed for those searching for a prestigious floor, in a high concern of the details with an extremely natural appearance.