The Decorline Collection, including plain color design and wealthy graphic patterns, tells many fantastic fairy tales on the wall.

Originated from Europe in the 19th century, decorative tiles have been a unique ornament, active in the field of interior design. The new collection – Decorline, blends modern art style into the decorative tiles. As long as the decorative tiles are paved with features, they can create a space that is completely unique and forms a characteristic style.

The wealth of graphic patterns ranging between detailed oriental textures and pictorial visions of reinvented jungles with the taste of exotic prints allows the wall decorations in a creative, original and always exclusive way. It makes the interior explode or slightly decorated, and with creative matching, becomes active and stylish.

The rectified field tile 25x75, in a very soft wall effect and in soft colors, becomes here scenery for the absolute protagonist.

  • Victoria

    The transformation of traditions Featured with elegant graphics and patterns, Victoria architectural style traditionally stands for elegance and nobility.

  • Wild

    Sensation of wildness Wild collection reinterprets the genuine naturalness of natural rocks and stones.

  • Reside

    Modern architecture finds a new ally in Reside collection, the latest generation series featuring originality and elegance to create new design possibilities. Strong graphics and delicate nuances are the distinguishing marks of Reside, gracing any room with modern elegance, conferring each its own style.