The “tailoring” of Ceramica Sant’Agostino is the pioneering company and leader of this current trend in weaving ceramic surfaces. Through the unique and original collection DIGITALART already on the market, Ceramica Sant’Agostino completes with the FINEART Collection, one more innovative fabric porcelain collection which inspired by the art of sensitive weaving fabrics. This collection highly presents the delicate soft tones and the fine texture of fabrics.

The Fineart Collection is made with the ultimate generation of digital printing technique and a light three-dimensional structure. which surprisingly replicates the vision and touch of fabrics. The natural and simple design gives this collection an elegant and moderate flavor, which creates a comfortable and serene atmosphere. Meanwhile the Fineart collection is suitable for various design. 

  • Inspire

    The Inspire collection inherits the uniqueness of the natural marble. This

  • Chalet

    Chalet collection emerge the advantages between woods and tiles. The genuine wood patterns are achieved with the ceramic bodies. It preserves the natural sensation and beauty of woods, and even enhances the durability of the surface. Generally, Chalet collection brings the beauty and charm of Alps into different spaces.

  • Maiolica

    The contemporary tradition Maiolica, contemporary tradition. Ceramic reinvents itself by creating a new living style in which tradition becomes a source of inspiration for a contemporary look.