The Highstone Collection is the latest stone effect porcelain collection. This collection draws inspiration from a Nordic limestone, starting from the color range to achieve the natural finish of surface.

The geological environment in the Nordic were very stable since the age of Paleozoic. As a consequence of this high stability, these rock has a unique stable limestone formation. As a result, the stone that mined in Nordic area always has elaborate texture. Accompanied by the Nordic style which performing simplicity, the Highstone Collection retains the original grain and texture of the Nordic limestone. This collection recalls the strong bond with a wild and fascinating, hard and attractive nature.

  • Piazze Toscane

    Inspired by the monumental architecture of Tuscan square, Piazze Toscane collection combines the historical craftsmanship and the pattern of natural marbles to create an elegant sensation for the modern design.


    Given a unique pattern and a strong resistance to pressure and corrosion, quartzite is widely used in architecture and interior design. Inspired by this kind of rock, the new Quarzite Collection gives you the quartzite a remarkable natural pattern and texture.

  • Urban Wood

    The History and The Future The Urban Wood collection has a shabby design, bringing histories and telling stories for space, enriching its charm and driving it forward.