The Highstone Collection is the latest stone effect porcelain collection. This collection draws inspiration from a Nordic limestone, starting from the color range to achieve the natural finish of surface.

The geological environment in the Nordic were very stable since the age of Paleozoic. As a consequence of this high stability, these rock has a unique stable limestone formation. As a result, the stone that mined in Nordic area always has elaborate texture. Accompanied by the Nordic style which performing simplicity, the Highstone Collection retains the original grain and texture of the Nordic limestone. This collection recalls the strong bond with a wild and fascinating, hard and attractive nature.


    Graph or millimeter paper, which the aim of being adopted by designers and end users as a drawing tool for vertical and horizontal surfaces, is printed with fine lines making up a regular grid used for precision drawings. This is where the Graph Collection comes from. With its micro patterns and color contrasts, the Graph collection makes its mark on any room.

  • Marmocrea

    Marmocrea Collection takes the most unique and special colors and patterns of the natural marble to form a shiny surface and a matte surface, turning the environment into a 6-star club and creating a 6-star elegance.

  • Tamita

    Revolutionary sensation Tamita is a modern classicism, which underlines the sensuality of ceramic coverings by rendering them strongly tactile.