Soap stone is a metamorphic rock that mined in Italy, the United States and Brazil. Depending on where the soap stone is mined from, it has different colors run from grey to green and to black. This kind of stone is extremely hard and extremely, as a result, it is widely used to create cooking implements and kitchen tops at its origin.

The Soapstone Collection, ultimately chases for the natural look of this metamorphic rock. With a wide range of color changing, this collection can be used in architecture for floors, wall coverings and external facades, in order to create an utmost refinement and natural environment. By animating the space with its special, rich and vibrant texture, the Soapstone Collection is creating an elegant and sophisticated overview.

  • I Marmi Italiani

    Thanks to a great attention to details and different stone looks, I Marmi Italiani is perfectly reproduced to give charm and naturalness to these ceramic slabs designed for unique spaces and atmospheres.


    The Decorline Collection, including plain color design and wealthy graphic patterns, tells many fantastic fairy tales on the wall.

  • Ocean

    Once Ocean collection is put in the space, the overall feeling and style of the space are harmonized with a well-being atmosphere.