The Seventy Thirty Collection with its soft structures and modern matte colors represents the very last trend, and it gives a taste of modern and classic at the same time. In this wall-tiling collection, the size of 7.5x30 cm presents all its beauty and simplicity. Soft structure with matte colors gives this collection a unique touch without being too extreme.

There are three colors to be discovered in this Seventy Thirty Collection. Each color owns its special code namely January, May and July, with 10 styles of veins. Warm colors with both intense and modern look study in every smallest detail, perfectly blends modern style with the charm of classic.

  • Tamita

    Revolutionary sensation Tamita is a modern classicism, which underlines the sensuality of ceramic coverings by rendering them strongly tactile.

  • Graniti

    FMG Graniti comes with a wide range of natural colors and the natural texture of natural Granites, making it suitable for any design and architecture.

  • Marmi Imperiali

    Marmi Imperiali collection integrates the traditional marble working and the latest ceramic tile technologies to create a contemporary yet traditionally elegant products.