The Corrispondenza collection is inspired by a collection of old, folded and yellowed letters that had been preserved like origami artworks from times gone by. At the meantime, as a project that entirely by hand pained, this latest creation is dedicated to a romantic and compelling ritual, the art of “writing”.

The Corrispondenza collection is a kaleidoscope of soft tones, expertly combined to compose countless small paper aeroplanes. Cool hues that embrace warm tone sand delve into both dusty and bold color palettes. The hands that paint each and every single tile are transforming them into one-of-a-kind objects. This collection is for those who want to experience their spaces as if they were a nest, a refuge from the greyness.

  • Paving

    Paving Collection extends the wild style of rocks and the modernity of contemporary design into the exterior, providing harmony and practicality throughout spaces.

  • Maxfine

    Maxfine gives free reign to the creativity of architects and interior designers, providing the environments with a high technical quality and a new aesthetic pleasantness.

  • Jungle

    The Pure, the Natural Jungle collection brings to the stage the evolution of ceramic wood effect.