The Venetian terrazzo was invented in the 16th century by the Italian. Because of its high plasticity, the Venetian terrazzo could be found in different design styles. And now this vintage design of terrazzo is transforming from ordinary building materials into a stylish design element. In the past, the color and the design of terrazzo were quite conservative: the fundamental choices were always dark green and blue. Whereas the new generation of terrazzo is more innovative in its color: simplicity and elegance.

Inspired by Venetian terrazzo slab, the Newdot collection is utilizing a new vision of “terrazzo” to introduce a brand new effect. This collection is born to be the boutique interior design product, melting the current design and color trend into a timeless classic. Furthermore, it redefines the style and application for modern design.

  • Chalet

    Chalet collection emerge the advantages between woods and tiles. The genuine wood patterns are achieved with the ceramic bodies. It preserves the natural sensation and beauty of woods, and even enhances the durability of the surface. Generally, Chalet collection brings the beauty and charm of Alps into different spaces.


    Walks/1.0 provides an abstract yet precise interpretation of the aesthetic properties of quartzite in a perfect synthesis of nature and technology. Aesthetical precision, rigor and formal cleaning distinguish the color choices that characterize the series, accentuating its unconventional simplicity.

  • Network

    A sense of cement craftsmanship is added into the colored base to enhance the charm of the design, intensifying the taste and ambience of the space. The availability of different colors is able to satisfy the chase for innovation in design, while the feature of different dimension allows it to go into different environment to innovate and create any vivid and unique design.