The Patchwork Collection through graphic styles and color combinations, this collection which in small sizes (20x20cm) recalls and reinterprets the tradition in a contemporary key. The graphic patterns of Patchwork were born in the first decades of the '900 in France. According to the two cultural trends that were then dominant, they are still subdivided between "floral" and "geometric". As visual movement and material suggestion, modern colors play with patterns of light and chromatic sharpness between flowers, frets, friezes and borders, being the quintessence of contemporary Art Deco. Through a variety of geometric figures or floral patterns combined with different colors, the Patchwork Collection meets different tastes.
  • Geotech

    The interpretation of nature Geotech combines the markings on the fossil Madeira Woods and the texture of the fossil Madeira Rocks, with unique colors.

  • 99 Volte

    With the transformation from the raw into the soft, 99 volte grants a new life with an artistic characteristics to cement.

  • Linea 40

    Linea 40 collection is able to fit into any space, from bathroom to kitchen, from corridor to feature wall.