With the clear aim of arousing amazement and distinct architectural styles, the provocation of the No-Code Collection lies in having combined two different materials: wood and leather. This effort is an unprecedented, audacious and powerful combination.

The smooth and raised grain of walnut and oak wooden planks, with the crocodile-print leather skins, they are the co-stars of the collection. The individual materials already have great aesthetic personality. While they appear not to have a common matrix, when cleverly combined with sophisticated design, these two materials give life to an unprecedented collection. Through the ingenious combination, No Code Collection is giving brand new practicability to decoration materials and interior space, presenting a classical and luxury modern British style.

  • Marble Arch

    The modernity of the marble Marble Arch, the preciousness of marble. Refined and elegant shades take centre stage, thanks to unique and precious details that make the rooms full of character and personality.

  • Landstone

    “Natural” and “Elegant” should be used to describe this collection. With the slip-resistant arrangement of the surface, Lanstone collection is suitable for all spaces of the interior, providing safety for the people and an elegant style for the design. Emerging with different style and interior elements, it is able to create a modern and minimal design that likes no others.

  • Rays

    Rays collection stands out from classic interpretations to visions of intensely modern projects in which design presents a pictorial grace of craftsmanship.