Innovation has no limits. Blue sky is to be the paper when clouds and rainbow are to be the inks. The advanced HD Digital printing technology instills metal and cement elements, turning blue sky into an artistic laboratory. The emergence of different elements creates different styles of specialty.

The glossy and shiny surface of the collection is like the mirror of the sky, embracing the colors and patterns of clouds and rainbows. The charming and vivid appearance is able to satisfy the needs for different styles.

  • Shade

    Shade is the collection which showcases all these features in a single product, allowing designers and architects to decorate environments in an aesthetically balanced way, without compromising resistance, durability and the anti-grip features. Shade provides an all-round solution for any environment.

  • Shadestone

    Shadestone collection with linear grain surface is one of the most elegant and unique products in the interior design industry.

  • Arabesque Silk

    Arabesque Collection is inspired by the ballet swings and moves, bringing the elegance in curve into the environment.