Collection: Tin Can
The Seletti objects, the recognized brand and proven throughout the world for a series of collections that have launched design classics, come on saved thanks to the collaboration with Inkostro White. Creativity and artistic ideas come together to overcome the limits imposed by the object and embark on a new journey of design and beauty.


    Designer: Barbara Varini From 1996 to 2011 he worked first as a creative graphic, then as an art director in two advertising agencies, experiences that give way to confront commercial areas, very different needs and communication tools.

  • INKBJUD1501

    Smooth and intersected grain for a wood that can be carved with the ease with which it fills the room.

  • INKXNTP14_Crêpelé

    Reliefs and ripples to form the impressive graphics frame but never heavy. A strong palette of shades of red and brown living, is coupled to hot and tribal neutral, on a background of abundant shades of gray and beige.