Collection: Avenue Canestro
From an original document of the early twentieth century, a damask design opulent reviewed at pixels effect Avenue Brocade. Instead deco cues for coordinated to Canestro effect. Important fabrics at the origin, in the presence and to the touch, thanks to the mix of micro - macro yarns used. Now applied on a concrete base, and finished with a light deteriorated effect with repeated decoration in a geometric composition, two-tone , a neutral and declined the green water. 
The Opificio by Inkiostro White: all the graphics in the collection start from the tissues of the Opificio, Turin manufacturer of fabrics and velvet furniture, reworked graphically in collaboration with Inkiostro White for digital printing on vinyl or EQ -Decor.


    Incidentally, broken, color, cut and assembled: so compact, so flexible.

  • INKIEFA1501

    L’Opificio Collection Fabric and paper amalgamate, creating contrasts between materials, blending lively and profound shades and bringing to life unprecedented captivating atmospheres. Fabric decoration and weave find a new space for expression and environments take on a warmer and more sophisticated dimension. All graphics have been inspired by fabrics of Turin-based manufacturers of furnishing fabrics and velvets.


    Collection: Tartan The symbol of a people on cloth, a defined pattern that is repeated to form a distinctive interweaving of elegance and pride.