Collection: Avenue Canestro
From an original document of the early twentieth century, a damask design opulent reviewed at pixels effect Avenue Brocade. Instead deco cues for coordinated to Canestro effect. Important fabrics at the origin, in the presence and to the touch, thanks to the mix of micro - macro yarns used. Now applied on a concrete base, and finished with a light deteriorated effect with repeated decoration in a geometric composition, two-tone , a neutral and declined the green water. 
The Opificio by Inkiostro White: all the graphics in the collection start from the tissues of the Opificio, Turin manufacturer of fabrics and velvet furniture, reworked graphically in collaboration with Inkiostro White for digital printing on vinyl or EQ -Decor.

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    These are not just images impressed onto paper, but sensations expressed on surfaces, bringing exclusive value to environments. All the graphics have been designed by Inkiostro Bianco’s creative workshop.


    Collection: Dreamland The roots well sunk in the clouds, frames pinned to the sky waiting for a subject and a suspended cabin: is the space of your dreams, fill it. A country of rusty metal watercolors in which to get lost.

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    Designer: Barbara Varini From 1996 to 2011 he worked first as a creative graphic, then as an art director in two advertising agencies, experiences that give way to confront commercial areas, very different needs and communication tools.