Inkiostro Bianco collection
Innovative graphics completely cover the room, enhancing its charm. Freed from all constraints, the images jump out from the surfaces, their size and impact expanding, captivating the gaze and magnifying every sensation. The combination is typical of the brand: aesthetics, technology, artistic sensibility and innovative printing technology that ensures optimal resolution even for large sizes.

  • INKXNTP14_Crêpelé

    Reliefs and ripples to form the impressive graphics frame but never heavy. A strong palette of shades of red and brown living, is coupled to hot and tribal neutral, on a background of abundant shades of gray and beige.


    Collection: Fuzzy Foam Carved like a beehive, a geometric superposition of stone that touches the effect tile. In simplicity, the class that never tires.


    Designer: Davide Lovatti His work is a relentless pursuit interested in conjunctions, connections, relationships between idea and form, between tracks and decipherment .