Collection: Floral Waves
Stylized floral weaves spotted emerging from a background as wall tattoos. Light weight is not always easy.


    Collection: Sigh On tiptoe for a sigh. Light as the breath that in an instant the room and free your mind of all that is superfluous. It is a silhouette from the fifties inkling that stands out on the concrete wall intent to remove words, thoughts and objects.

  • INKBF1301_1302_1303_1304

    Designer: Francesco Botti In the field of fine art he has planned and designed the pediatric ward of the hospital in Modena, achieved anatomical illustrations for the school district and produced designs for various publishing projects.

  • INKXNTP14_Crêpelé

    Reliefs and ripples to form the impressive graphics frame but never heavy. A strong palette of shades of red and brown living, is coupled to hot and tribal neutral, on a background of abundant shades of gray and beige.