Collection: Sigh
On tiptoe for a sigh. Light as the breath that in an instant the room and free your mind of all that is superfluous. It is a silhouette from the fifties inkling that stands out on the concrete wall intent to remove words, thoughts and objects. Trapped in matter and time, yet moving in that its liberating gesture, almost a magic touch that tidies the house and thoughts.


    Collection: Bye ByeDargonfly A sweet farewell between flowers, dragonflies and cloth.Contrasting styles of illustration as the character of the protagonists of the scene.

  • INKPL13

    Designer: Stefano Fioresi Author has been able to develop a path which, rereading syntactic and visual elements of mass communication.

  • INKUSHV1501

    Collection: Dioniso Intense and ruby as the berry pulp, like the rose that intertwines the lives, like wine, like the lips of which flows, like passion.