Collection: Separe
Elegant, graceful and soft shapes, light and bright colors, in a single supplement is all the charm of a century by the contrasting styles . Refined and noble, the screen is the 800 original, with its wooden carvings, decorations on cloth and paintings on paper. A retro effect from meticulous detail which reads a renewed desire of domestic intimacy, a new-found willingness to more compact rooms more comfortable and personal angles.


    Collection: Traces The decor is structured to effect the color game is geometrical and the reference material is cooked. no perfect time for a stylish and comfortable floor a classic style.


    Designer: Davide Lovatti His work is a relentless pursuit interested in conjunctions, connections, relationships between idea and form, between tracks and decipherment .


    Collection: ClaCla The strength and the charm of an old bark confer authority and sophistication to the wall and to the environment.