Designer: Susanna Mandelli
Susanna Mandelli, industrial and interior designer, lives and works in Bologna. Graduated from the International School of Design has collaborated with various furniture stores and architectural firms in Italy. In 2010 he started his profession and began his collaboration with important companies in the lighting industry. Later he became the artistic director of the study ID insidesign. Philip Stecconi, graphic since 1995, began his career working with the internationally renowned architect and designer Massimo IosaGhini. 
From 2000 to 2005, responsible for the agency's graphic of the Ideas Laboratory communication. Since 2007 he collaborates with the agency ComunicaMente communication and since 2008 with GolinelliFoundation. In 2012 graphic reference of the study of architecture and design Insidesign Studio and along with Susanna Mandelli he started working with Inkiostrobianco .

  • INKRO13

    Designer: Piero Cane In 1994 she opened her first personal and significant in Casale Monferrato, followed by solo and group exhibitions .


    Designer: Davide Lovatti His work is a relentless pursuit interested in conjunctions, connections, relationships between idea and form, between tracks and decipherment .


    Incidentally, broken, color, cut and assembled: so compact, so flexible.