Collection: Lapislazzulo
Naming precious and vintage flavor for the composition of tiles available in the versions on blue or gray shades. A revival in marble base.

  • Gaia

    Matter, in its most natural form, meets décor. The wood, marble and concrete reveal intrinsic elegance in the details of their grain.

  • INKBHKE1501

    Collection: My dam A damask decoration material stealing the colors of nature, in shades of sand, the clay, through the plant and the intense blue green. Combined with a wooden bottom follows the natural grain for a draped effect. The effect is a soft tissue in seven shades for modern -classic environments.

  • INKAM1301

    Collection: Ancient Melody Warm tones and elegant, inspired by the flock. Thin graphic elements taken from antique fabrics and damask from painting for a backdrop suitable for any environment .