Collection: Burnt
Ichiama a simple story, that of the earth, the origins of the family. It reminds us that ancient bond that, no matter how far we go, we can not sever. That accompanies us in all our actions, even the most revolutionary, with that taste of home. It is the power of the earth, of all shades used for this coating. The reference is cooked and its natural shade .


    Collection: Enchanted forest Like a vision in the mist, the trunks are those of an enchanted forest.

  • INKBHKE1501

    Collection: My dam A damask decoration material stealing the colors of nature, in shades of sand, the clay, through the plant and the intense blue green. Combined with a wooden bottom follows the natural grain for a draped effect. The effect is a soft tissue in seven shades for modern -classic environments.

  • INKIIFF1402

    Designer: Jeanie Leung he wants to touch people's hearts deeply with her drawings and paintings.