Collection: Burnt
Ichiama a simple story, that of the earth, the origins of the family. It reminds us that ancient bond that, no matter how far we go, we can not sever. That accompanies us in all our actions, even the most revolutionary, with that taste of home. It is the power of the earth, of all shades used for this coating. The reference is cooked and its natural shade .

  • INKFEKD1501

    Collection: Tin Can The Seletti objects, the recognized brand and proven throughout the world for a series of collections that have launched design classics, come on saved thanks to the collaboration with Inkostro White. Creativity and artistic ideas come together to overcome the limits imposed by the object and embark on a new journey of design and beauty.

  • INKHY13

    Designer: Stefano Fioresi the author has been able to develop a path which, rereading syntactic and visual elements of mass communication.


    Collection: Sigh On tiptoe for a sigh. Light as the breath that in an instant the room and free your mind of all that is superfluous. It is a silhouette from the fifties inkling that stands out on the concrete wall intent to remove words, thoughts and objects.