Collection: Burnt
Ichiama a simple story, that of the earth, the origins of the family. It reminds us that ancient bond that, no matter how far we go, we can not sever. That accompanies us in all our actions, even the most revolutionary, with that taste of home. It is the power of the earth, of all shades used for this coating. The reference is cooked and its natural shade .

  • INKBBPP1301

    Inkiostro Bianco collection Innovative graphics completely cover the room, enhancing its charm. Freed from all constraints, the images jump out from the surfaces, their size and impact expanding, captivating the gaze and magnifying every sensation.

  • INKDNBM1501

    Collection: Costura Almost a quilt.Cushioning effect for the brown skin from unexpected nuances. The temptation is to lean on the soft.


    Collection: Floral Waves A wall of bleached axes and work with delicate laser engraving for a natural effect and live panel.