Collection: Okume
Smooth and intersected grain for a wood that can be carved with the ease with which it fills the room.  A thin layer of Okumè wood on which to engrave an elegant floral decoration.

  • INKMF13

    Inkiostro Bianco collection Innovative graphics completely cover the room, enhancing its charm. Freed from all constraints, the images jump out from the surfaces, their size and impact expanding, captivating the gaze and magnifying every sensation.

  • INKRM13

    Designer: Carlo Cane In 1994 she opened her first personal and significant in Casale Monferrato, followed by solo and group exhibitions.

  • INKQSDI1501

    Collection: Brera The heart of the city, enclosed in your room.Neighborhoods, streets, buildings: a map of the path of everyday existence that redesigns the environment and perhaps even the lives of those who walk.