Collection: Noblesse Oblige
A fragment of space and time which belongs to everyday life, inanimate objects with their immobility space-filling. Elegance and geometry backdrop to the large still lifes of Noblesse Oblige range on refined brocade appear similar inserts tiles which focus attention on the details of the composition.


    Collection: Happy Terry In search of the wings : a race between robot , butterflies and cloth . Contrasting styles of illustration as the character of the protagonists of the scene .

  • INKUNDC1501

    Designer: Barbara Varini From 1996 to 2011 he worked first as a creative graphic, then as an art director in two advertising agencies, experiences that give way to confront commercial areas, very different needs and communication tools. The unbreakable bond with the beauty the door to an interest in furniture, art, photography and to keep alive the wonder of all that brings itself an aesthetic value.

  • INKNKNE1501

    Collection: Chateaux Glitzy and opulent. On graph paper the project is meticulous. The fineness of detail suggests the luxury inherent in the realization.