Collection: Python
Reptile skins adhering to the wall of such a body. Geometric figures playing in symmetry with the scales giving flexibility to austerity inherent in leather and creating dynamic coatings and extremely elegant.


    Designer: Aura Zecchini The art of Aura Zecchini: ethereal and sinuous as reeds in the wind, fragile as rice paper, furniture and floating like butterfly wings.

  • INKAM1301

    Collection: Ancient Melody Warm tones and elegant, inspired by the flock. Thin graphic elements taken from antique fabrics and damask from painting for a backdrop suitable for any environment .

  • INKPNEW14_Noblesse-Oblige

    Elegance and geometry backdrop to the large still lifes of Noblesse Oblige range on refined brocade appear similar inserts tiles which focus attention on the details of the composition.