Designer: Aura Zecchini
Aura Zecchini was born in Peschiera del Garda ( Vr ) in 1983. He lives and works in Milan. Substance and appearance, truth and image. Countered semantic poles those on which gently moves the art of Aura Zecchini: ethereal and sinuous as reeds in the wind, fragile as rice paper, furniture and floating like butterfly wings. The layered surfaces facing the eye and emerge in overlapping, transparent planes such as lace, moved by a light breeze and lilting. Invisible cobwebs, insects camouflaged among leaves and petals of intense colors - clear and enveloping lines that reveal a microworld underground made with great attention to detail and great compositional skill. An original, surprising and exquisitely feminine balance between nature and its representation.

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  • INKRO13

    Designer: Piero Cane In 1994 she opened her first personal and significant in Casale Monferrato, followed by solo and group exhibitions .

  • INKPL13

    Designer: Stefano Fioresi Author has been able to develop a path which, rereading syntactic and visual elements of mass communication.