Designer: Giuseppe Linardi
Born in Buenos Aires July 9, 1971, very young he moved to Follonica , he attended the Art School of Grosseto and later the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. His painting is called " decoded " , a language in which Linardi wants to represent the contemporary with cutting-edge techniques. In the present is a polyvalent artist who, in addition to the decoded pictures, creates installations and sculptures with plans in the future to also deal with video , convinced that every idea has necessarily its half.


    Collection: Faba Like a treasure chest that hides a treasure, like a room that borders shared intimacy, as a pod enclosing her legume. It protects it and brings it to maturity. As the most natural of nursing acts.


    Collection: Pluma de pavo The most regal animal feather, an indelible touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.

  • INKFBEG1501

    The dark colour, the solid consistency and the fine grain.