Arrow collection creates extraordinary designs based on the concept of linearity. With a considerably dimensional cutting, arrow collection is able to create different layouts and hence different designs.

A wide range of colors enables Arrow to be a universal designing element to enrich the atmosphere of spaces. When playing with different styles of designs, this collection is always able to create something special and stunning.

  • FLOW

    Pure, Natural, Elegant, Flow has been designed to enhance environments valuable and is addressed to those end-users who love interior design.

  • Steamwood

    Collection preserves the natural surfaces and textures of steamed woods, as well as the uniqueness of lives. The random and vivid patterns of wood creates specialty for both vision and texture. The modernity and warmth of the collection make it easy to match with different elements, and creates comfort and yet innovation.

  • Jungle

    The Pure, the Natural Jungle collection brings to the stage the evolution of ceramic wood effect.