Arrow collection creates extraordinary designs based on the concept of linearity. With a considerably dimensional cutting, arrow collection is able to create different layouts and hence different designs.

A wide range of colors enables Arrow to be a universal designing element to enrich the atmosphere of spaces. When playing with different styles of designs, this collection is always able to create something special and stunning.

  • Chromocode 3D

    Chromocode 3D is based on the concept of a brand that identifies color and texture, lending variety, strength, and depth to any architectual work, including interiors.

  • Ritmo

    Featured with a variation in colors, patterns and graphics, Ritmo offers a personal touch for any design, providing a unique visual experience for every living space.​

  • Blendart

    By combining the characteristics of painted wood and tiles, Blendart is suitable for the contemporary architectural needs and designs. This collection recreates the charming veining of wood in a new version.