Arrow collection creates extraordinary designs based on the concept of linearity. With a considerably dimensional cutting, arrow collection is able to create different layouts and hence different designs.

A wide range of colors enables Arrow to be a universal designing element to enrich the atmosphere of spaces. When playing with different styles of designs, this collection is always able to create something special and stunning.

  • S.wood

    The classical collection S.Wood is one of the most demanding collections.

  • My Wall

    My Wall collection is a choice of eight modern and refined colors for tailoring walls to one’s personal taste in mono-chrome or any new combination of colors.

  • EC1

    This collection is generally clean and suitable for the creation of different spaces. The availability of a wide range of colors and non-patterned design provide boundless creativity, from the residential to public area, from the wall to floor. The production process makes use of internationally certified green element and, recycle and energy facilities; the system is even granted with LEED certification. Along with different finishing and sizes in all available sizes, it is able to satisfy the needs of different projects.