Originated from Stockholm, Sweden, rag rugs are born from recycling the textile-wastes; the detailed and complex productions make rag rugs pretty rare and precious for the industry. The vivid textures of rag rugs are transformed into advanced slabs, creating a three-dimensional effect for touch and vision. Digitalart Collection integrates modern colors and rag rugs to empower and explore the unlimited potential of rag rugs and makes it to be one of the popular choices of modern interior materials. The vividly interlinked structure gives details to touch and vision, enriching the story behind the spatial design. 

Despite a relatively soft-touched pattern compared to rag rugs, Digitalart Collection even reserves the unique visual effect of rag rugs.

  • Accademia

    Treasure that lasts Accademia Collection is inspired by the Historical Artistic Floor "VENETIAN TERRAZZO".

  • Nature 2.0

    Nature 2.0 is inspired by most fascinating side of the ocean. The slabs have a background shade from blue to green in colour, recalling the sea-bed and water tints. Nature 2.0 not only creates a sense of pure nature in designs, but also an ocean of light and shade.

  • Geotech

    The interpretation of nature Geotech combines the markings on the fossil Madeira Woods and the texture of the fossil Madeira Rocks, with unique colors.