About Gazzotti

Gazzotti is the sole supplier of wooden parquet for Italian Royal Family. Given the advanced technologies and supreme quality of products, Gazzotti is a leading producer and brand in the market of wooden parquet.

Gazzotti has been producing wood flooring with a passion in Italy since 1910. The company`s over 100 years of experience, knowledge of nature and raw materials, dedication to 100% Italian materials and 100% Italian manufacturing technologies, passion for beauty and design and technological and aesthetic innovation, combine to produce beautiful, exciting wood flooring that is pleasing to the touch, eco-compatible and unmistakably Italian.

The stand-out feature of Gazzotti parquet is the company`s constant striving for quality and reliability. By combining traditions with the latest technology, and maintaining continuous dialogue with the world of architecture and design, Gazzotti is to offer you original and beautiful solutions.

Gazzotti and environments
Gazzotti`s raw material - wood, is unique and inimitable, because, in addition to being a versatile and renewable product, it provides people with continuous contact with nature. Gazzotti only uses raw materials from properly managed forests in Europe to provide the quality wood parquets without compromising the effort of protecting the natural environment.

Gazzotti and products
To cope with different demands and needs of clients, Gazzotti creates a wide range of products of different styles and designs, from laminate flooring to parquet flooring, from two layers to three layers, from the vintage to modern designs, being suitable for any space and creating a natural sensation and natural designs. Durability is also another feature for Gazzotti`s products. The advanced technologies enable Gazzotti`s products to be highly resistant to scratches and impacts. Special maintenance kits are also invented to repair any damage area of the flooring, offering a long-term solution for wood flooring. By combining the advanced technologies in Italy and the quality natural woods from Europe, Gazzotti proudly present the best natural wood flooring to all clients around the globe.

** Wood is an absolutely unique and beautiful product of nature and is never manufactured to consistent specifications. Its natural imperfections are part of its appeal and character. Every piece of wood can be slightly or noticeably different in color, texture and grain from every other piece, even pieces from the same tree.
  • Trebbo

    Trebbo collection transforms materials into style. This collection is inspired by the rich knowledge of woods, and is filled up with unique furnishings and design features.

  • Extraresistent

    Extraresistent is the ideal floor for the whole family: as the result of years of research and development, it combines the outstanding features of durability, convenience and beauty. Developed in 1978, it was the first 2-layer wood flooring. Given its great features, it has now become the integral part of Gazzotti`s range.

  • Fashion

    Fashion is an innovative and fashionable collection, different from any others, being able to make every environment unique and original. It is the ideal collection for the interior designers to personalize their projects in a more evident way in modern environments.