Free Time is a collection of wood floors designed for outdoor areas by Gazzotti, which is a quality product subjected to a special care and processing during the production.

Free Time is resistant to water and weather changes, which is ideal for paving terraces, pool edges, penthouses, platforms and walkways in gardens, because of  its high strength and elegant appearance. A touch of sophistication enhances the outdoor space, making it more comfortable, pleasant and natural, harmonious with modern building trends.

Wood species selected are Ipe and Teak which are the best woods for outdoor use.

A special thermal treatment is applied on Teak planks to improve its stability and to adjust to a soft honey tone, which creates a vivid visual contrast in the real time. This contrast will decrease with the use of Sundek Oil and as the natural effect under the sun-light exposure.

All Free Time products are subjected to a rigid seasoning cycle of the wood species and are FSC-certified.

All planks are double-faced. One face is milled to obtain an anti-skid effect. This makes the floor appropriate for pool edges. The other face is smooth to highlight the wood grain at the maximum level, thus obtaining a perfectly natural appearance.

** Wood is an absolutely unique and beautiful product of nature and is never manufactured to consistent specifications. Its natural imperfections are part of its appeal and character. Every piece of wood can be slightly or noticeably different in color, texture and grain from every other piece, even pieces from the same tree.
  • Fashion

    Fashion is an innovative and fashionable collection, different from any others, being able to make every environment unique and original. It is the ideal collection for the interior designers to personalize their projects in a more evident way in modern environments.

  • Life

    Life collection especially designed for those searching for a prestigious floor, in a high concern of the details with an extremely natural appearance.

  • Trebbo

    Trebbo collection transforms materials into style. This collection is inspired by the rich knowledge of woods, and is filled up with unique furnishings and design features.