Rays are flashes of light that enrich the room. Given different colors and the special glaze of quartzes, Rays collection fills up the room with emotion of cold and warm, and vividly arise different sensations for different designs.

Rays collection stands out from classic interpretations to visions of intensely modern projects in which design presents a pictorial grace of craftsmanship. Rays is a modern collection in the most complex sense of timeless and, as such, is always contemporary.

  • Arrow

    With a considerably dimensional cutting, arrow collection is able to create different layouts and hence different designs.

  • Nr. 21

    Cement is a necessary architectural material. Given a unique texture and appearance, cement is able to transform and bring special characteristics into the interior design, giving a sensation of rough and muscularity.

  • Porcelainwood Active

    Porcelainwood Active collection is inspired by the look and colors of fossil wood, illustrating the beauty of the combination of nature and modern designs, bringing an evolutional aesthetics into the space.