Rays are flashes of light that enrich the room. Given different colors and the special glaze of quartzes, Rays collection fills up the room with emotion of cold and warm, and vividly arise different sensations for different designs.

Rays collection stands out from classic interpretations to visions of intensely modern projects in which design presents a pictorial grace of craftsmanship. Rays is a modern collection in the most complex sense of timeless and, as such, is always contemporary.

  • Maiolica

    The contemporary tradition Maiolica, contemporary tradition. Ceramic reinvents itself by creating a new living style in which tradition becomes a source of inspiration for a contemporary look.

  • Elegance

    Inspired by the natural beauty of marbles, Elegance collection refines the aesthetic of modern designs. By merging the aesthetic appeal of natural marbles and geometry graphics, a new definition of spatial elegance is born.

  • Chromocode 3D

    Chromocode 3D is based on the concept of a brand that identifies color and texture, lending variety, strength, and depth to any architectual work, including interiors.