Rays are flashes of light that enrich the room. Given different colors and the special glaze of quartzes, Rays collection fills up the room with emotion of cold and warm, and vividly arise different sensations for different designs.

Rays collection stands out from classic interpretations to visions of intensely modern projects in which design presents a pictorial grace of craftsmanship. Rays is a modern collection in the most complex sense of timeless and, as such, is always contemporary.

  • Concrete

    Concrete collection is able to create a sensation of being wild and original out of the contemporary design, enriching the content and imagination of the space.

  • Marmi Classici

    The natural marble has a wide range of natural colors and patterns. FMG Marmi Classici captures the elegance and beauty of the valuable marbles.

  • Romantic

    Romantic collection represents the aesthetics of linearity, combined with the traditional beauty of designs, to create a masterly fashion for spaces.