Piazze Toscane

Inspired by the monumental architecture of Tuscan square, Piazze Toscane collection combines the historical craftsmanship and the pattern of natural marbles to create an elegant sensation for the modern design.


With the advanced digital printing technologies, Piazze Toscane collection has 100 different patterns to characterize the design of spaces. The extraordinary 3D effect of vision and shiny finishing strengthen patterns and colors, resulting in an impressive elegance throughout the environment.

  • Digitalart

    The vividly interlinked structure of rag rugs

  • Shadestone

    Shadestone collection with linear grain surface is one of the most elegant and unique products in the interior design industry.

  • Tamita

    Revolutionary sensation Tamita is a modern classicism, which underlines the sensuality of ceramic coverings by rendering them strongly tactile.