Marmi Imperiali

Shine, regal splendour and strength combine to create Marmi Imperiali Collection. The authentic and natural vein  patterns of marble run through the material, underlining the naturalness of marble.This collection integrates the traditional marble working and the latest ceramic tile technologies to create a contemporary yet traditionally elegant products.

  • Metal Line

    The surface of Metal Line collection shines with its environs. Brightness and heat are absorbed and returned in the form of energy and movement. The environment is now animated and the interior mood is warmed by the play with light and reflection.

  • Bellagio

    Enhanced with refined decorative elements, Bellagio Collection interprets the classic taste in a chic and sophisticated style.

  • Reverse

    A taste of the natural fusion Reverse collection recreates the structural mass of concrete while merging with the impressed timber formwork to create a fusion taste of nature and texture.