Marmi Imperiali

Shine, regal splendour and strength combine to create Marmi Imperiali Collection. The authentic and natural vein  patterns of marble run through the material, underlining the naturalness of marble.This collection integrates the traditional marble working and the latest ceramic tile technologies to create a contemporary yet traditionally elegant products.

  • Metrochic

    Inspired by the Metropolis which connecting the Eastern and Western, METROCHIC gathers a huge variety of design elements, including the plain dark and light color, Chevron sign as well as different

  • Marble Arch

    The modernity of the marble Marble Arch, the preciousness of marble. Refined and elegant shades take centre stage, thanks to unique and precious details that make the rooms full of character and personality.


    Given a unique pattern and a strong resistance to pressure and corrosion, quartzite is widely used in architecture and interior design. Inspired by this kind of rock, the new Quarzite Collection gives you the quartzite a remarkable natural pattern and texture.