FMG Travertini inherits the fibrous and concentric appearance of the natural travertine. Along with 6 different natural colors and patterns, it opens a new door for designers and architects to explore in the natural beauty.

Like other collections of FMG natural stones, the full body slabs of FMG Travertini are veined with the infinite hues that crisscross the whole thickness of the slab and resurface on the backside. Every slab is an original and each piece becomes a unique statement. FMG features with the “shine” finishing, which defines the new era of travertine in the contemporary design and creates a new chapter of the beauty of designs.

  • LINEA40

    A reference to modernism, Linea 40 collection is to use chromatic tone as the background and regular geometric shapes that bring styles to the environment. The design stands out in the infinite potential of a highly versatile cladding element of unique character. Available in 2 finishes, warm and deep colors, Linea 40 offers creative inspiration for designing any space with originality.

  • Blendart

    By combining the characteristics of painted wood and tiles, Blendart is suitable for the contemporary architectural needs and designs. This collection recreates the charming veining of wood in a new version.

  • Ferro

    The simple but special design makes Ferro Collection suitable for different indoor and outdoor environments. Along with the Minimalist and Modernity, the special surface of Ferro Collection brings the out beauty of details toward people.