Design continuity, refined aesthetics, safety and functionality: Shade is the collection which showcases all these features in a single product, allowing designers and architects to decorate environments in an aesthetically balanced way, without compromising resistance, durability and the anti-grip features. Shade provides an all-round solution for any environment.

The new Diagonal Striped surface featuring relief diagonal lines, presented in different sizes, is created to provide new design options and to lead spaces an appealing three dimensionality. Having a range of modern colors, sizes and different finishing makes Shade an ideal covering solution for indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Maxfine

    Maxfine gives free reign to the creativity of architects and interior designers, providing the environments with a high technical quality and a new aesthetic pleasantness.

  • Tamita

    Revolutionary sensation Tamita is a modern classicism, which underlines the sensuality of ceramic coverings by rendering them strongly tactile.

  • Rock

    Rock collection emerges the natural texture and sensation of rocks with the needs for great designs anywhere. Even though rock is perceived as a hard and tough material which is always used in outdoor area, but Rock collection allows designers and architects to create a natural rock-looked effect for any space.