Marmi Classici

The natural marble has a wide range of natural colors and patterns. FMG Marmi Classici captures the elegance and beauty of the valuable marbles. Each color and pattern represents the concept and soul of each contemporary design, strengthening the characteristics and beauty of the design.

FMG Marmi Classici features with 28 natural colors and 10 different surfaces, enriching the variety and beauty across designs. With the wavy texture and one of the unique finishing of FMG – the “shine” finishing, it embraces the natural beauty of marble and the contemporary design philosophy, defining the modernity of designs.

  • Travertini

    Travertini inherits the fibrous and concentric appearance of the natural travertine.

  • Flow

    Pure, Natural, Elegant, Flow has been designed to enhance environments valuable and is addressed to those end-users who love interior design.

  • Concept

    Concept is a collection inspired by hand-applied resin floors which nowadays are heavily in demand both in architecture and in interior design.