Marmi Classici

The natural marble has a wide range of natural colors and patterns. FMG Marmi Classici captures the elegance and beauty of the valuable marbles. Each color and pattern represents the concept and soul of each contemporary design, strengthening the characteristics and beauty of the design.

FMG Marmi Classici features with 28 natural colors and 10 different surfaces, enriching the variety and beauty across designs. With the wavy texture and one of the unique finishing of FMG – the “shine” finishing, it embraces the natural beauty of marble and the contemporary design philosophy, defining the modernity of designs.

  • Pure Marble

    In addition to the rich texture and color of the marble, our greediness keeps pursuing its immaculate and extraordinary. The designer traces back to the 16th century European style of Palladian architecture, and falls in love with history through pioneer production techniques.

  • Terre Nuove

    Terre Nuove integrates advanced digital-printing technology and modern colors to illustrate the natural variation of rustic tiles in appearance and authenticity of styles, creating unlimited inspirations for outstanding three dimensional designs.

  • Lacca

    Lacca collection makes use of the natural beauty to reflect the texture of the stage, and the dedication to arts by artists and dancers. By combining the modern colors and marks of stages, Lacca collection considerately creates an imperfection, and hence gives a familiar yet warm sensation for different spaces. The natural arrangement of the surface allows Lacca to match with different design styles to create a natural and relaxing interior environment.