99 Volte

Cement always has a tough and stiff feeling. With the transformation from the raw into the soft, 99 volte grants a new life with an artistic characteristics to cement. It is now able to create a peaceful and artistic sensation around the environment.


Inspired by the rendering of cement, the slab is now inherited with the motion and texture of the rendering to create a distinctive watercolor painting with special strokes. It enables to create different artistic yet industrial styles in different spaces with the range of warm color tones to choose. Given its strong slip resistance, both outdoor and indoor can have a visual linkage of the artistic and industrial style. 99 Volte is perfect for the contemporary and dynamic styles.

  • Shadebox

    The range of dimensions and colors enable Shadebox to go into different spaces and match with different styles of designs. For either project or household designs, it is always one of the best choices for the best layout of walls and floors.

  • Network

    A sense of cement craftsmanship is added into the colored base to enhance the charm of the design, intensifying the taste and ambience of the space. The availability of different colors is able to satisfy the chase for innovation in design, while the feature of different dimension allows it to go into different environment to innovate and create any vivid and unique design.


    The essential synthesis of aesthetics and quality of materials, TIPOS is the latest evolution in the ceramic travertines, chosen among some of the rarest and most noble in nature along with other invented, with a profound aesthetic design, and an emblem of the artistic and artisan value by Ceramica Sant’Agostino. The collection finds its full expression in the slabs of Travertino Rigato presented in the 60x120 cm - 24”x48” version and designed to achieve a perfect tiling “in the continuous vein”, which enhances the richness of the most precious travertine.