99 Volte

Cement always has a tough and stiff feeling. With the transformation from the raw into the soft, 99 volte grants a new life with an artistic characteristics to cement. It is now able to create a peaceful and artistic sensation around the environment.


Inspired by the rendering of cement, the slab is now inherited with the motion and texture of the rendering to create a distinctive watercolor painting with special strokes. It enables to create different artistic yet industrial styles in different spaces with the range of warm color tones to choose. Given its strong slip resistance, both outdoor and indoor can have a visual linkage of the artistic and industrial style. 99 Volte is perfect for the contemporary and dynamic styles.


    The Patchwork Collection through graphic styles and color combinations, this collection which in small sizes (20x20cm) recalls and reinterprets the tradition in a contemporary key.

  • Blendart

    By combining the characteristics of painted wood and tiles, Blendart is suitable for the contemporary architectural needs and designs. This collection recreates the charming veining of wood in a new version.

  • Digitalart

    The vividly interlinked structure of rag rugs