The colors used in this collection all are the vivid ones that bring the whole collection to life. Along with the signature patterns and ornaments, each color is now born with soul. A proper chosen combination of colors, patterns and ornaments make the interior unique and stylish, creating a contemporary space like no others. Having matched with the cemented style creates an outstanding visual experience.

  • Kreo

    Kreo is a modular surfaces system with a series of modular decorations, to enhance floorings and wall tiles for residential and public areas.

  • Chromocode 3D

    Chromocode 3D is based on the concept of a brand that identifies color and texture, lending variety, strength, and depth to any architectual work, including interiors.

  • MA.DE

    Sensory Art The collection of MA.DE shows a combination of matters and design aesthetics, creating a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, and a sense of art with different styles in design.