The colors used in this collection all are the vivid ones that bring the whole collection to life. Along with the signature patterns and ornaments, each color is now born with soul. A proper chosen combination of colors, patterns and ornaments make the interior unique and stylish, creating a contemporary space like no others. Having matched with the cemented style creates an outstanding visual experience.

  • Victoria

    The transformation of traditions Featured with elegant graphics and patterns, Victoria architectural style traditionally stands for elegance and nobility.

  • Neobarocco

    Neobarocco collection is fused with the sophisticated, elegant aesthetic hallmarks of classicism with the latest trends in furniture and interior design, exalting the dynamism of the collection’s forms and decorative elements.

  • I Marmi Italiani

    Thanks to a great attention to details and different stone looks, I Marmi Italiani is perfectly reproduced to give charm and naturalness to these ceramic slabs designed for unique spaces and atmospheres.