Accademia Collection is inspired by the Historical Artistic Floor "VENETIAN TERRAZZO". The Graphics of the collection have been in fact scanned from the original floors of the Historical Opera Theatre in Modena, Italy, bringing a sense of Italian Renaissance into designs.


Accademia successfully transforms the western ancient elegance into a modern element for both contemporary architectural and interior design. Given the contemporary composition, the historical pattern is now rejuvenated. Accademia brings a sense of western elegance and modernity into any environment, creating an impressive spatial combination.


    Marble effect is a popular building material because of its natural and unique appearance. There is no identical pattern between any piece of natural marble while every piece has their own remarkable pattern like fingerprint, allowing creativity in the interior.

  • Steamwood

    Collection preserves the natural surfaces and textures of steamed woods, as well as the uniqueness of lives. The random and vivid patterns of wood creates specialty for both vision and texture. The modernity and warmth of the collection make it easy to match with different elements, and creates comfort and yet innovation.

  • Urban Wood

    The History and The Future The Urban Wood collection has a shabby design, bringing histories and telling stories for space, enriching its charm and driving it forward.