Time is a force that passes. Eternity is something that can travel with time. This is what inspires the Native collection. The delicate material effect that enhances any installed material, making it alive and dynamic. The soft play of light and dark creates a fine view of “mild” gloss and a sense of elegance, sophistication and timeless balance.

Profession and Experience have been combined to design a range of different tasks to create the timeless surface of the collection, from flexible sanding to special polishing. It also results in an extraordinary effect of “natural wear” for both indoor and outdoor, bringing the tactile softness inside out of the timeless surface. It transmits a sense of “eternal beauty”.

  • Wood Mood

    Wood Mood is the interpretation of wood in porcelain stoneware inspired by the elegant and strongly contrasting colours of antique floors made from original woods, reclaimed and given new life: the wood shades blend randomly to create sophisticated settings with a strong personality.

  • Jungle Lux

    When style is a natural attitude With the KRYSTAL Technology, a glossy and glazing surface has been created, making Jungle Lux as bright as crystals.

  • Active Life

    Active Life Collection is designed for both indoor and outdoor environments. Given the patterns and textures of natural woods, this collection is able to create contemporary designs with style and providing a green and safe environment for the world.