An amazingly shiny and glossy surface makes Viktoria outshine any other ceramic tiles in the modern design industry. The advanced digital technology enables each color to have 100 different patterns, giving you the utmost refinement and natural effect of the petrified-wood-like appearance.


To create different interior styles and visual effects, Viktoria has a wide range of sizes to cover all dimensions of floors and walls.


KRYSTAL system is applied to create the specially polished and shinning surface of Viktoria’s slabs. This system increases the gloss, visual depth, and the tiles’ durability and resistance to stains and acids. It makes Viktoria shine like no others, giving you the utmost refinement.

  • Urban Wood

    The History and The Future The Urban Wood collection has a shabby design, bringing histories and telling stories for space, enriching its charm and driving it forward.

  • Geotech

    The interpretation of nature Geotech combines the markings on the fossil Madeira Woods and the texture of the fossil Madeira Rocks, with unique colors.

  • Concrete

    Concrete collection is able to create a sensation of being wild and original out of the contemporary design, enriching the content and imagination of the space.