S.Wood is one of the most demanding collections. The ability to interpret the wood theme with the surprising personality and aesthetic quality is the distinctive feature of this collection. The extraordinary naturalness, strong resistance and stability are the innovations created by S.Wood.


Embracing the inspiration by Oak, advanced digital printing and technology, S.Wood has a natural and genuine wooden pattern, and even a tangible texture on the slab surface. Each color has a hundred of unique pattern and texture, giving you an unlimited power of creation for the environment.


Thanks to the ductility, S.Wood can be used in any type of environment, ranging from the traditional to the modern. It always gives you an astonishing result.

  • Arabesque Silk

    Arabesque Collection is inspired by the ballet swings and moves, bringing the elegance in curve into the environment.

  • Jungle

    The Pure, the Natural Jungle collection brings to the stage the evolution of ceramic wood effect.

  • Wild

    Sensation of wildness Wild collection reinterprets the genuine naturalness of natural rocks and stones.