S.Wood is one of the most demanding collections. The ability to interpret the wood theme with the surprising personality and aesthetic quality is the distinctive feature of this collection. The extraordinary naturalness, strong resistance and stability are the innovations created by S.Wood.


Embracing the inspiration by Oak, advanced digital printing and technology, S.Wood has a natural and genuine wooden pattern, and even a tangible texture on the slab surface. Each color has a hundred of unique pattern and texture, giving you an unlimited power of creation for the environment.


Thanks to the ductility, S.Wood can be used in any type of environment, ranging from the traditional to the modern. It always gives you an astonishing result.

  • EC1

    This collection is generally clean and suitable for the creation of different spaces. The availability of a wide range of colors and non-patterned design provide boundless creativity, from the residential to public area, from the wall to floor. The production process makes use of internationally certified green element and, recycle and energy facilities; the system is even granted with LEED certification. Along with different finishing and sizes in all available sizes, it is able to satisfy the needs of different projects.

  • Muse

    The Muse collection evokes the sophisticated lifestyle of the past, an elegance that lies in unique characteristics, sought-after materials and details.


    The “tailoring” of Ceramica Sant’Agostino is the pioneering company and leader of this current trend in weaving ceramic surfaces. Through the unique and original collection DIGITALART already on the market, Ceramica Sant’Agostino completes with the FINEART Collection, one more innovative fabric porcelain collection which inspired by the art of sensitive weaving fabrics. This collection highly presents the delicate soft tones and the fine texture of fabrics.