Jungle Lux

With the KRYSTAL Technology, a glossy and glazing surface has been created, making Jungle Lux as bright as crystals.

This collection is an absolute novelty in the world of porcelain and wood-effect slabs. It represents an ideal solution for decorating spaces very different from each other in style and character, but always marked by an out-of-the-ordinary taste.

In addition to the nature pattern of the American Walnut wood, the slabs of Jungle Lux are the first porcelain wood-effect slabs to present this special gloss finish. It is perfectly fit for furniture and designs of any style, presenting the coexistence of creativity, modernity and elegant traces.

In addition to the crystal surface and elegant design, Jungle Lux also has a number of advantages over the traditional wooden floor:

1)      Anti-Moisture and Anti-Mold: Wooden floor is generally not encouraged for the moist areas due to the termite damages and other related issues. Given the physical difference of tiles, Jungle Lux can replace wooden floor to suit for the moist weather and area, and even other areas that wooden floor cannot be applied, creating different interior designs. With the anti-moisture and anti-mold functions, your floor is easy to maintain.

2)      Resistance to bending: Tiles are not easy to bend.

3)      Durable: High density results in a hard surface and resistance of scratches and damages, providing a long-lasting and shining effect.

4)      Protection against stains, dust and dirt: The glossy surface protects your floor from stains, dust and dirt etc.

5)      Glossy and elegant design: Polishing is eliminated for the glossy and elegant appearance. With different colors for your preference, you could always find the best design.

6)      Environmentally Friendly: Tiles contain no formaldehyde and not create smells after installation, protecting the environment and ensuring your family’s health

  • Ritmo

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  • Arabesque Silk

    Arabesque Collection is inspired by the ballet swings and moves, bringing the elegance in curve into the environment.


    The “tailoring” of Ceramica Sant’Agostino is the pioneering company and leader of this current trend in weaving ceramic surfaces. Through the unique and original collection DIGITALART already on the market, Ceramica Sant’Agostino completes with the FINEART Collection, one more innovative fabric porcelain collection which inspired by the art of sensitive weaving fabrics. This collection highly presents the delicate soft tones and the fine texture of fabrics.