Concept is a collection inspired by hand-applied resin floors which nowadays are heavily in demand both in architecture and in interior design. Made with Digital Technology, the slabs of this collection feature an especially shiny and soft to the touch structured surface that suggests the effects of “monolithic” flooring, finished with a hand-crafted effect.

Keeping in line with the newest design trend, Concept combines the unusual aesthetic characteristics with ease of use to provide a long-lasting design effect.

  • Graniti

    FMG Graniti comes with a wide range of natural colors and the natural texture of natural Granites, making it suitable for any design and architecture.

  • Themar

    THEMAR is the research of marble perfection through the ceramic surface. The name of the collection is self-explanatory: “The Mar-ble”: Four sources of inspiration: the expressive power of the Statuario Venato; the delicate shades of Lasa marble - also known as “white gold” -; the universal warmth of Crema Marfil and colour depth of Grigio Savoia. The visual characteristics of the original stone are reproduced with so much material wealth and perfection in the details, so as to give unique beautiful and natural features to these slabs.

  • Kreo

    Kreo is a modular surfaces system with a series of modular decorations, to enhance floorings and wall tiles for residential and public areas.