Featured with elegant graphics and patterns, Victoria architectural style traditionally stands for elegance and nobility. Victoria collection revitalizes the classical designing style by adding new elements.

With the contrast of black and white tone, the finest graphics and patterns enrich the collection in elegance and style. Putting in a modern environment, Victoria collection allows people to experience the classical designs in a contemporary way, providing a classical living style and comfort for cosmopolitans.


    The Corrispondenza collection is inspired by a collection of old, folded and yellowed letters that had been preserved like origami artworks from times gone by. At the meantime, as a project that entirely by hand pained, this latest creation is dedicated to a romantic and compelling ritual, the art of “writing”.

  • Terre Nuove

    Terre Nuove integrates advanced digital-printing technology and modern colors to illustrate the natural variation of rustic tiles in appearance and authenticity of styles, creating unlimited inspirations for outstanding three dimensional designs.

  • Ferro

    The simple but special design makes Ferro Collection suitable for different indoor and outdoor environments. Along with the Minimalist and Modernity, the special surface of Ferro Collection brings the out beauty of details toward people.