Featured with elegant graphics and patterns, Victoria architectural style traditionally stands for elegance and nobility. Victoria collection revitalizes the classical designing style by adding new elements.

With the contrast of black and white tone, the finest graphics and patterns enrich the collection in elegance and style. Putting in a modern environment, Victoria collection allows people to experience the classical designs in a contemporary way, providing a classical living style and comfort for cosmopolitans.

  • Native

    The historical, the contemporary Native collection is featured with an extraordinary effect of “natural wear” for both indoor and outdoor, bringing the tactile softness inside out of the timeless surface. It transmits a sense of “eternal beauty”.

  • Light

    The diamond in rooms The extremely sophisticated finishing, which is shiny and smooth, enables this collection to characterize the modern design for different spaces.

  • Shadebox

    The range of dimensions and colors enable Shadebox to go into different spaces and match with different styles of designs. For either project or household designs, it is always one of the best choices for the best layout of walls and floors.