Featured with elegant graphics and patterns, Victoria architectural style traditionally stands for elegance and nobility. Victoria collection revitalizes the classical designing style by adding new elements.

With the contrast of black and white tone, the finest graphics and patterns enrich the collection in elegance and style. Putting in a modern environment, Victoria collection allows people to experience the classical designs in a contemporary way, providing a classical living style and comfort for cosmopolitans.

  • Ritmo

    Featured with a variation in colors, patterns and graphics, Ritmo offers a personal touch for any design, providing a unique visual experience for every living space.​

  • Nature 2.0

    Nature 2.0 is inspired by most fascinating side of the ocean. The slabs have a background shade from blue to green in colour, recalling the sea-bed and water tints. Nature 2.0 not only creates a sense of pure nature in designs, but also an ocean of light and shade.

  • Accademia

    Treasure that lasts Accademia Collection is inspired by the Historical Artistic Floor "VENETIAN TERRAZZO".