Featured with elegant graphics and patterns, Victoria architectural style traditionally stands for elegance and nobility. Victoria collection revitalizes the classical designing style by adding new elements.

With the contrast of black and white tone, the finest graphics and patterns enrich the collection in elegance and style. Putting in a modern environment, Victoria collection allows people to experience the classical designs in a contemporary way, providing a classical living style and comfort for cosmopolitans.

  • Pietra di Basalto

    Pietra di Basalto is the synthesis of technological research and nature, faithful to the original material, a slightly off-tone stone which combines the technological performance of porcelain stoneware with the emotion of the stone’s surface.

  • Landstone

    “Natural” and “Elegant” should be used to describe this collection. With the slip-resistant arrangement of the surface, Lanstone collection is suitable for all spaces of the interior, providing safety for the people and an elegant style for the design. Emerging with different style and interior elements, it is able to create a modern and minimal design that likes no others.

  • Roads

    Roads Collection allows styles to travel throughout spaces, extending the beauty and design of the modern simplicity style.