Given a unique pattern and a strong resistance to pressure and corrosion, quartzite is widely used in the world of architect and interior design. Inspired by the natural pattern and texture of quartzite, Quarziti collection gives you a remarkable touch of the natural in a modern environment. The cutting-edge technology used gives Quarziti remarkable strength to be used in both indoor and outdoor floor.


Quarziti features a wealth of elements that are always different yet complementary, ideal for the creation of timeless design schemes. In addition to the tactile appeal and fine appearance, the color variation gives Quarziti great potential in the world of design.

  • Landstone

    “Natural” and “Elegant” should be used to describe this collection. With the slip-resistant arrangement of the surface, Lanstone collection is suitable for all spaces of the interior, providing safety for the people and an elegant style for the design. Emerging with different style and interior elements, it is able to create a modern and minimal design that likes no others.

  • Luxor

    The Contemporary Alabaster The name “Luxor” evokes the charm of ancient times and the preciousness of those materials that history brought us. Luxor preserves and transforms in the contemporary way that takes the environment into the next level.

  • Charmwood

    The unfading aesthetics Inspired by the essence of nature wood, Charmwood collection brings the unfading and aesthetic appeal of the antique wood.