Given a unique pattern and a strong resistance to pressure and corrosion, quartzite is widely used in the world of architect and interior design. Inspired by the natural pattern and texture of quartzite, Quarziti collection gives you a remarkable touch of the natural in a modern environment. The cutting-edge technology used gives Quarziti remarkable strength to be used in both indoor and outdoor floor.


Quarziti features a wealth of elements that are always different yet complementary, ideal for the creation of timeless design schemes. In addition to the tactile appeal and fine appearance, the color variation gives Quarziti great potential in the world of design.

  • Network

    A sense of cement craftsmanship is added into the colored base to enhance the charm of the design, intensifying the taste and ambience of the space. The availability of different colors is able to satisfy the chase for innovation in design, while the feature of different dimension allows it to go into different environment to innovate and create any vivid and unique design.

  • Taste

    There are three main elements of Balsamic Vinegar which have been immersed into TASTE – the oak barrel, the wax and the white fine gauze. Just like the traditional Balsamic Vinegar, the pattern and tone of Taste collection are expressing the historical story and unique mellow feeling.

  • Flow

    Pure, Natural, Elegant, Flow has been designed to enhance environments valuable and is addressed to those end-users who love interior design.