E-wood is an eco-friendly collection. It conforms to the specifications for modern eco-sustainable buildings and is made of solid porcelain stoneware. A simple wooden pattern lays on the surface, suitable for any space and environment to create a sensation of simplicity and naturalism. E-wood is hence highly demanded for its simple, natural and green character.


Along with decidedly attractive aesthetics, e-wood also provides exceptional performance. Its strong and compact surface is resistant to slips, water, freezing and bad weather, so it can be used outdoor and indoor, providing aesthetic continuity throughout the environment. E-wood tiles guarantee a long-lasting and impeccable image of elegance from floor to wall coverings; it is the ideal solution for creating a warm, refined atmosphere in any area.

  • Terre Nuove

    Terre Nuove integrates advanced digital-printing technology and modern colors to illustrate the natural variation of rustic tiles in appearance and authenticity of styles, creating unlimited inspirations for outstanding three dimensional designs.

  • Ferro

    The simple but special design makes Ferro Collection suitable for different indoor and outdoor environments. Along with the Minimalist and Modernity, the special surface of Ferro Collection brings the out beauty of details toward people.

  • Porcelainwood Active

    Porcelainwood Active collection is inspired by the look and colors of fossil wood, illustrating the beauty of the combination of nature and modern designs, bringing an evolutional aesthetics into the space.