A rich and elegant product, with numerous graphic veins reproduces the typical patterns of onyx stone found in nature. Enhanced with refined decorative elements, Bellagio Collection interprets the classic taste in a chic and sophisticated style. 

The interpretation of elegance from onyx marble with classical and yet sophisticated refined inlaid decors, enhances the interior. The variety of the craftsmanship makes surfaces ideal for designing luxury spaces. Precious surfaces and decorations are able to dress and personalize the interior with warm and suggestive luxury. Surfaces designed to sculpt light in a careful and refined way, creating fascinating color effect with neutral shades combined with gorgeous and ostentatious decors.

  • Concept

    Concept is a collection inspired by hand-applied resin floors which nowadays are heavily in demand both in architecture and in interior design.

  • Kreo

    Kreo is a modular surfaces system with a series of modular decorations, to enhance floorings and wall tiles for residential and public areas.

  • Blendwood

    Besides the natural patterns of old woods, it also puts oxidized colors to imitate the image of those old shops in Modena. The HD digital printing with 3D effects creates a series of non-repeated patterns of 5 square meters, illustrating the appearance of the genuine woods without being artificial. The rectified arrangement allows the perfect installation and matching to create more perfect interior designs.