Reverse collection recreates the structural mass of concrete while merging with the impressed timber formwork to create a fusion taste of nature and texture. Wooden formworks design volumes and forms, establishing the light and shadow of the spaces and the surfaces. By means of ductile and solidifiable material, architecture creates a geometric compositional order.
Like exposed concrete that displays a decorative rather than structural function, Reverse is a versatile interpretation of a complex and refined technology in which the figurative qualities are emphasized. Irregular surfaces and bold natural colors lead the collection to the creation of meditative, ordered spaces, for a new conception of the essential decoration. The mega dimension of 80x180cm even enables Reverse to create an elegant and luxurious style in any environment.

  • Abita

    Abita is able to grant emotional experience out of the ordinary, by changing the space into an intimate place to live in peace and harmony. The environment becomes an emotional space, fondling the sense of beauty in a unique way.


    Marble effect is a popular building material because of its natural and unique appearance. There is no identical pattern between any piece of natural marble while every piece has their own remarkable pattern like fingerprint, allowing creativity in the interior.

  • Quarziti

    Simple.Modern Quarziti features a wealth of elements that are always different yet complementary, ideal for the creation of timeless design schemes.