Fabric and paper amalgamate, creating contrasts between materials, blending lively and profound shades and bringing to life unprecedented captivating atmospheres. Fabric decoration and weave find a new space for expression and environments take on a warmer and more sophisticated dimension. All graphics have been inspired by fabrics of Turin-based manufacturers of furnishing fabrics and velvets.

  • INKKA1301

    Inkiostro Bianco collection Innovative graphics completely cover the room, enhancing its charm. Freed from all constraints, the images jump out from the surfaces, their size and impact expanding, captivating the gaze and magnifying every sensation.

  • INKSSLI1401

    Collection: Flamingos A strong presence that watches silently and the environment fills with color.

  • INKNKNE1501

    Collection: Chateaux Glitzy and opulent. On graph paper the project is meticulous. The fineness of detail suggests the luxury inherent in the realization.