Matter, in its most natural form, meets décor. The wood, marble and concrete reveal intrinsic elegance in the details of their grain. The decoration is imprinted onto the surface: a touch of lightness on the compactness of the material, an elaborate three-dimensional effect. Along with graphics designed by Inkiostro Bianco’s creative workshop, Gaia collection results in a peaceful and artistic sensation in the space.

  • INKEK13

    Designer: Francesco Botti In the field of fine art he has planned and designed the pediatric ward of the hospital in Modena, achieved anatomical illustrations for the school district and produced designs for various publishing projects.


    Intense colors , neon , colorful paints and contrasts for a decoration from unexpected symmetries , with references to nature and objects of the past lingering charm .

  • INKMG1301

    Collection: Mystic Garden In the balance between the exotic and the vintage, watching the bamboo reeds you dive into a mysterious garden.