Matter, in its most natural form, meets décor. The wood, marble and concrete reveal intrinsic elegance in the details of their grain. The decoration is imprinted onto the surface: a touch of lightness on the compactness of the material, an elaborate three-dimensional effect. Along with graphics designed by Inkiostro Bianco’s creative workshop, Gaia collection results in a peaceful and artistic sensation in the space.

  • INKPNEW14_Noblesse-Oblige_02

    Elegance and geometry backdrop to the large still lifes of Noblesse Oblige range on refined brocade appear similar inserts tiles which focus attention on the details of the composition.


    Collection: Bye ByeDargonfly A sweet farewell between flowers, dragonflies and cloth.Contrasting styles of illustration as the character of the protagonists of the scene.


    Inkiostro Bianco collection Innovative graphics completely cover the room, enhancing its charm. Freed from all constraints, the images jump out from the surfaces, their size and impact expanding, captivating the gaze and magnifying every sensation.